Richard Branson, hippies and ships

AP Moller Maersk opened its doors last night to allow industry to meet with Jose Maria Figueres and Richard Branson, two co- founders of the oddly named Carbon War Room.
Hearing one shipping industry figure tell Branson that shipping was doing its bit already led to a suggestion from Branson that the organisation moves on to find another industry to focus on (The irony was not lost, as the group has said it will focus on aviation).
But after the high profile names were whisked out after quick interviews with the mainstream media (yours truly was the only trade press there) there was a general feeling of: What is this all about? What exactly is it going to achieve?
Given that those present are the technology innovators like Skysails and DK Group and the shipowners, it perhaps enhanced Nils Andersen’s comment that the NGO’s and other activists groups can shine a light on the good that shipping is doing, while helping the industry see what it has become blind to.
However I think one private comment to me from another owner brought it home.
“In the seventies I was a hippy. Now I am in charge of the company”.
Yes. The corporate hippies can come out of the green closet.

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